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Mon Ami Coffee and Creperie – Vancouver, WA

Mon Ami

Bonjour, mon ami…!

Welcome back to the breakfast blog. Sorry to keep you waiting for the next installment. LIFE happened and then suddenly, I find myself in a new year. Seems like yesterday when I was on the open road sampling High Desert America.

Two friends joined me today to help me relaunch my breakfast bunch. On this glorious sunny morning (a rare find this time of year in the Pacific Northwest) we visited the Mon Ami Coffee shop where they specialize in homemade crepes, baked goods and quality coffee drinks. I’d visited here once before for lunch and enjoyed my crepe tremendously. They claimed to do breakfast so I had high expectations for my morning meal.

How very sad to have those expectations dashed. Really folks – even though Urbanspoon followers seem to find great joy at Mon Ami, my companions and I were disappointed throughout our meal.

First of all, I wouldn’t say this place qualifies as a breakfast establishment. Sure, you can eat a muffin with your coffee for breakfast. However, the menu sits firmly in the lunch and dinner categories. There are meat and vegetarian options with a variety of fresh ingredients. There is not an egg is sight. Not a breakfast meat to be found. This is all forgivable to the Breakfast Bunch if the following had not occurred:

  • All three crepes, while beautifully presented, arrived cold or barely warm. The Brie, Pear and Ham crepe was bland. The Creamy Smoked Salmon arrived with the tomatoes IN the crepe and not on the side as requested. My Turkey, Roasted Red Pepper and Feta tasted great – it just wasn’t hot. There was some disappointment at the sweetness of the crepe batter: great for dessert crepes, not so great for savory.

    Savory Crepes

  • Cristina’s hot chocolate was tasteless and thin. Sadly, the beautiful chocolate design in the froth does not make up for taste.
  • For the first time in a review, Stumptown coffee earns a 3. Why? It was weak. Not the fault of the coffee. Entirely the fault of the coffee maker.
  • All crepes came with a barely-dressed salad of mixed greens that looked healthy, but were not at all tender. These salads all went into composting.
  • My Cheese and Chive biscuit was cold right out of the bakery case. Warming really didn’t improve its taste.
  • Just one last thing…Mon Ami seems to be THE PLACE to go for hip moms and their little darlings. At 10am, I would say this place was more like a creche than an eating establishment.

Ok – that’s enough grumpiness for one day. On a happy note, Mon Ami  IS a friendly place. It’s clearly busy and popular and it does seem to draw a crowd. Perhaps when it’s less busy, the food will be hotter, the coffee will be stronger, and the tea won’t be served with a soup spoon.

Spendy Scale: $

Coffee Rating: 3 (Stumptown)

Other Offerings

  • Lunch
  • Local Art

Contact Information

1906 Main St.
Vancouver, WA
(360) 750-5693



Mon – Fri: 7:30am-5pm

Sat – Sun: 8:30am-3pm

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Stuffy’s II Diner – Longview, WA

Stuffy's II

Four women and a boy walk into a restaurant in Longview, WA and leave happier than a bunch of people can possible feel after breakfast.

This place (and the company) was hilarious. Stuffy’s II makes breakfast fun – so much so, folks go there to celebrate their birthdays with one of their signature GIANT cinnamon rolls. In fact, we got to help celebrate four birthdays during our meal. Kassidi, the Choreographer helped loosen folks up with her own particular version of The Birthday Song. Soon, the entire restaurant was competing for the loudest table.

It's all about the 50's

Stuffy’s is decorated in 1950′s decor – heavy on the Marilyn and James Dean. Kassidi describes if perfectly. She said, “It looks like my grandma decorated it – from her basement.”  According to Kelso local, Kacy Cross, the movie Babe plays in a continuous loop on the elevated television in our part of the massive dining space. Looking over my shoulder I could confirm that is was, indeed playing:  never-ending TV joy for the little ones.

Stuffy’s offers up traditional fare under the guise of their own special vocabulary which requires a glossary at the front of the menu. For example, Paris Bread with a side of Kackleberries gets you an order of French toast with a side of eggs. And most of it is under the category of “Stuff” – lots of stuff.

Except for the “thicker than thick’ milkshake my daughter enjoyed, beverages were unremarkable. The brand of a cup of Mud (coffee) was a complete mystery to our server who said, “I have no clue. It came in a pouch.” In fact, it comes in a Farmer Brother’s pouch. The orange juice comes from frozen concentrate  – Whoo…Pee.

Big Gobb

I wouldn’t let the beverages put you off.  What Stuffy’s lacks in drink they make up in food – especially the quantity. Baked goods are Stuffy’s specialty and of particular note is the gigantic cinnamon rolls – two of which went home with our merry little group. Also noteworthy is platter-sized item called a “Gobb”. Basically it’s an Elephant Ear and if you’ve ordered this and breakfast, you’ve ordered too much – especially if you’ve ordered a Big or Small. The Baby would be quite sufficient as a side. I ordered one Big Gobb to share and we hardly made a dent. I took it home and quickly learned that leftover Gobb is pretty much past it’s eat-by date within 24 hours.

Stuffy’s breakfast specialty is, unsurprisingly, called Stuff. It comes in a quantities of Large, Little and Tiny portions of stuff and it’s essentially a scramble covered in sausage gravy. Trust me when I say a Tiny is more than sufficient. Anything bigger can feed a Defensive Tackle or at the very least a small group of referees.

I had the Ranch House Special which includes a half order of biscuits and gravy, two kackleberries and bacon. Sadly, the gravy was disappointing being a bit on thin side and fairly tasteless. The bacon, however, was amazing.

Overall, young and old will find something pleasing at Stuffy’s. Kids will behave in order to earn their Stuffy’s Bucks that can be spent on a variety of trinkets from Stuffy’s treasure box. Large groups will enjoy the family atmosphere and kindness of the staff who make everyone feel welcome. On a gray day, Stuffy’s is a happy place to be.

Ranch House Special

Spendy Scale: $

Coffee Rating: 2

Other Offerings

  • Lunch and dinner
  • Full Bar
  • Happy Hour: 5pm – 7pm

Contact Information

804 Ocean Beach Highway
Longview, WA 98632-4011
(360) 423-6356


7 days a week – 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Local Attractions

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Bantam & Grouse Cafe – Vancouver, WA

Bantam & Grouse

Goodness! It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. BAD Stevie!

After two weeks on the Canadian road, I was simplifying my breakfast life. All I wanted for about two weeks was cereal and toast. I needed cholesterol recovery,  but now I’m back with two visits to report.

The Bantam & Grouse is a gem – a hidden surprise in another Vancouver gem, Shorty’s Garden and Home. It is so much like the tea shops I used to visit across the pond in the UK, that I was literally gushing with enthusiasm at the owner, Gail Burks. In their own words, they offer up “A European Twist to Tea and Coffee”. What a pleasure is was to enjoy a full tea-cosied pot of Yorkshire Tea. Coffee drinkers – do not despair. They make mocha’s and lattes featuring Caffé Darte brand tea.

Breakfast Pasty

B & G has a sweet little menu which should cheer the hearts of the local British population and those who simply wish they were British. I’ve tried the traditional meat pasty [pas-tee] and for breakfast their Breakfast Pasty of ham, cheese and potatoes. Baked just right, it has that lovely crumbly crust that makes a pasty, perfect.

Other offerings for breakfast include a breakfast sandwich and bagels and cream cheese for the truly unadventurous. I encourage you to take your time. Enjoy your “cuppa”. Take a stroll through the gardens and them GO BACK for lunch and/or a homemade scone. You’ll have just created the perfect day.

Spendy Scale: $

Other Offerings

  • Lunch
  • Take-away

Contact Information

10006 SE Mill Plain Blvd.
Vancouver, WA 98664
Located within Shorty’s Garden CenterTelephone:
(360) 883-5599


Monday-Saturday 10 am-4pm
Sunday 10 am-4pm

Local Attractions

  • David Douglas Park
  • and not much else I’m afraid, but the Shorty’s gardens are a beautiful botanical adventure.

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Summit Cafe – Canmore, Alberta, Canada


Summit Cafe

When the idea of a sit down restaurant/diner in the typical sense doesn’t work for you, Summit Cafe, makes a nice change. While typical breakfast meals are found on their giant bulletin board menu (they are paper free), you’ll be presented with some nice alternative breakfast choices.

Summit Cafe is first and foremost a coffee shop, offering a large variety of specialty coffees and baked goods. In fact, the baked goods look so good, it was difficult to settle for what’s on the menu when a muffin might have served me just as well. Frankly, muffins, while being quite tasty, do not serve me well and so I opted for a plate of protein.

My husband and I ordered the special of the day. Essentially, it was a traditional breakfast of eggs, hash browns and toast, but instead of the usual meat choices, it came with Tuscany Sausage. It was very good! And a nice change from the skimpy strips of bacon we’ve been seeing throughout our Canadian travels.

Special w/Tuscany Sausage

The rest of the menu seemed to have a strong South-of-Two-Borders (Mexican) flavor to it with at least four dishes served with salsa, sour cream and other typical Mexican ingredients. They also had a nice variety of bagel breakfast sandwiches.

Can’t really say anything against the place. The locals love it and when it’s a nice day, it’s pleasant to sit in the outdoor seating area. The only thing that throws a spanner in the works is the placement of the coffee bar which is situated before you get to the cashier. Folks who don’t “get” that you are meant to fill your cup prior to paying, find themselves swimming upstream in the long line of people waiting to order. Very strange…

Spendy Scale: $

Coffee Rating: 3 (Mountain Blend Coffee Roasters )

Tea Rating: 4 (Two Leaves & a Bud)

Other Offerings

  • Lunch
  • Outdoor seating
  • Bakery items

Contact Information

102 1001 Cougar Creek Drive
Canmore, Alberta, Canada
Phone: (403) 609-2120


6:30 am-6 pm

Local Attractions

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Moser’s Restaurant – Lake Fork, Texas

Moser's - Lake Fork, TX

You know you’re in a Texas restaurant when: the non-smoking section is smaller than the smoking section, the food is cheap and in no way healthy, the service is the friendliest you’ve ever had, and the bakery case is filled with an amazing assortment of homemade pies.

Moser’s Restaurant, part of the Lake Fork Marina & Motel, is all about hospitality and “My, Oh My, the Pie!” Of course, we went for breakfast and for the most part, enjoyed the meal for not-a-lot of money. Except for my mom, we all ordered the pancakes – a particular favorite at Moser’s. I can certainly see why. This is not the place where you order a stack of pancakes. You order one pancake and will be swiftly questioned when you attempt to order more. My dad attempted a 3-pancake stack and our server, cocking a brow, asked “You sure ’bout that?” I think she shamed him into cutting that stack down to two.

9-inch Giant Pancake

One 9-inch pancake was plenty for me and it was delicious; thick and fluffy – it hardly needed any syrup. I also ordered a side of bacon which was tasty, but on the paper thin side – not what I’ve been used to seeing up in the Northwest.

According to the coffee drinkers around the table, that was the low light of the meal. I was told that sadly, coffee is Texas’s weakest point. I stuck to iced tea and had to quickly learn that when ordering iced tea, you need to differentiate between sweet and unsweetened tea.

What makes Moser’s especially interesting is that it’s part of a fishing resort on Lake Fork which is one of the 10 largest lakes in Texas. In fact, Lake Fork is a popular and well-known spot for bass fisherman and currently holds more than 30 out of 50 records in the  Texas’s bass fishing circles. Moser’s reflects this area’s madness for fishing. It is a taxidermist’s showcase of some of the biggest wide mouth bass caught in the area, all now adorning the walls in this sportsman’s eating establishment.

Coffee Rating: A generous 2 (Superior Coffee – or not…)

Spendy Scale: $

Other Offerings

  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Kid & Senior menus
  • Motel
  • RV/Camping
  • Marina
  • Whole Pies with advance order
  • Catering
  • Banquet Facility

Contact Information

Moser’s Restaurant
County Road 1558
Alba, TX  75410
(903) 765-2087


Mon – Fri: 7am – 9pm

Local Attractions

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Costello’s Travel Caffe’ – Portland, OR

Costello's Travel Caffe'

Joy! Rapture! Another wonderful breakfast place that I would recommend to friends and family - a place I can honestly say, “If you come to Portland, you simply must eat here.” We visited on recommendation from our newest Bunch member, Jessica, who had this to say as a way of introduction: “I love breakfast more than life itself.” Jessica, welcome to the Board!

Costello’s Travel Caffe’ may be situated on NE Broadway in Portland, but when you walk through the door, you feel transported to a European cafe – albeit, bigger than a European cafe, but then everything is bigger in a America, right? The travel-themed decor suits this travel-lover perfectly. I couldn’t help but wish I could escape to the places filmed around the world by the Costello’s and displayed on flat-screens around the room. It’s a match made in heaven – beautiful scenery and beautiful European inspired food.

The BEST Quiche

The best deal on the menu is the Backpacker’s Breakfast. For just $7.95 you get a hearty serving of quiche, a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, and a choice of freshly-baked morning pastry or bagel. The quiche of the day was zucchini, black olive and bacon. My only regret about this was that I ate it too fast. It was unstoppable goodness. I chose the muffin for my pastry and I have to say that I’ve never tasted a flavor combination so perfect: Mexican chocolate and zucchini.

Jessica ordered the crepes made with fresh strawberries, marscarpone cheese and berry coulee. Beautifully arranged on a large plate, this giant duo looked more like dessert than breakfast. Jessica was lucky to get a taste by the time the platter was handed around the table.

Beautiful Crepes

I can’t wait to go back to try Costello’s lunch and dinner menu. I just wish Vancouver restaurants would take a note from this family’s book: It’s GOOD to think outside the box. Perhaps Costello’s could be persuaded to open a second location…

Coffee Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (Caffe’ Umbria)

Spendy Scale: $

Other Offerings

  • Lunch &  dinner
  • Beer & wine
  • Free Wifi (not available Sat. & Sun)
  • Kid friendly
  • Evening events: Foreign films, Conversations, Live music

Contact Information

2222 Northeast Broadway
Portland, Oregon 97232


Breakfast served until 12pm weekdays and until 1pm Sat – Sun

Mon: 7am – 8pm
Tue – Thur: 7am – 9pm
Fri: 7am – 10pm
Sat – Sun: 8am – 4pm

Local Attractions

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Heaven on Earth – Azalea, OR

Giant Cinnamon Roll

Giant Cinnamon Roll

Heaven on Earth Restaurant. Well, not exactly. It was this visit that prompted me to write MY FIRST BAD REVIEW. Friends begged me to do it. I fought against it because, truly, I am a fan of the small business owner. The world is not always good news and breakfast is not always good. Therefore, I added the term (and worst) to my subtitle. And so here goes. Hopefully these reviews will be few and far between. I don’t like a bad breakfast anymore than you guys, after all…

On our way back up to Washington after the  holidays, we stayed overnight in Medford with the idea that we’d tackle mountain passes with well-rested nerves. We woke up refreshed and hungry on the icy cold morning of December 28th and resumed our journey up north with a planned stop in Azalea, OR. We pulled up to the Heaven on Earth Restaurant. It was just beginning to snow.

The place looked deserted despite the Open sign. There was one vehicle in the parking lot. How strange it should be deserted during a holiday week with so many people traveling along the freeway. We walked into the log cabin-looking building with high hopes for warm food and central heating. Warm food, we got. Heat, we did not. There was NO heat. The space heater plugged into the wall next to the only other customers in the restaurant was insufficient to cut the cold that left me shivering in my boots – literally. Strangly, when I mentioned the lack of heat to the server, I barely got a smile and a shrug. No explanation.

The food was just ok. My eggs were inedible and the country potatoes were seriously over-peppered. Thank goodness for the meaty bacon and the side of biscuits and gravy. I did not starve. Fortunately, my family fared better than I with their meals. My daughter enjoyed her oatmeal. Based on her review, I can suggest the following breakfast if you are determined to give Heaven on Earth a try: Oatmeal, side of bacon, biscuits and gravy plus a fresh bakery item to go.

And now a word about the bakery. When you walk through the door, you are greeted with the most amazing display of baked goods – EVER! Massive baking sheets filled with cobblers, pumpkin bread pudding, carrot cake and pies sat alongside a mountain of cinnamon rolls – each of which are the size of a cantaloupe. Nearby were shelves of canned goods including jams, apple butter and homemade peanut butter. Several of these delights were available for sampling and my son, Cameron did his best to try them all. Having experienced the less than stellar breakfast, I would suggest going straight for the dessert. However, none of the baked goods were on the menu nor were they offered anytime during our meal. Extraordinary. We opted to take ours home and so we packed up a giant cinnamon roll, a jar of peanut butter and a serving of the pumpkin bread pudding and resumed our journey in the warmth and comfort of the minivan.

Note: Cinnamon rolls should be eaten fresh out of the oven. No amount of warming in the microwave made our to-good-to-be true cinnamon roll palatable. How sad. Never mind.

Coffee rating: 3 out of 5

Spendy scale: $$ (Cinnamon rolls are $12 each – oh my…)

Other Offerings

  • Lunch and dinner
  • Breakfast served all day
  • Discounts for locals and truckers
  • Store/Gift shop (online shopping available)
  • Commercial & RV parking available
  • Free Wifi
  • Baking Classes

Contact Information

Heaven On Earth Restaurant
703 Quines Creek
Azalea, Oregon 97410


7 days a week, from 6:00am to 11:00pm

Local Attractions

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Granzella’s Restaurant & Deli – Williams, CA

The best part of a road trip is waking up early and driving a couple of hours to breakfast. Our goal when we left Lincoln, CA was Granzella’s Restaurant & Deli in Williams, CA where “Its Exciting to be Italian!”  Being half Italian, I can definitely say that’s true.

I don’t know much about Williams, but a quick glance around this small agricultural truck stop off I5 showed me that the Granzella family has the tourist trade down pat. Owners of a full eatery, gift shop, catering and banqueting facility and motel, the Granzella’s seem to have all the bases covered when someone needs a pit-stop off the freeway.

The restaurant has been in business since 1976, except for a couple years when they lost their entire building to fire in 2007. From the looks of the place, it didn’t take them long to rebuild and regain the trade. The place was mobbed. Being an Italian restaurant, I was not surprised to learn that their specialties included Italian sausage and an Italian omelette. My husband ordered the sausage with his French toast and I opted for the omelette.

This included prosciutto, spinach, tomatoes, and a blend of cheeses. It was tasty, but lacked a bit of – I don’t know – a bit of Muuuwah! I think a dash of fresh herbs and garlic would have made it perfect. The sausage got a thumbs up, though it’s not made there. Hm… I also ordered a side of homemade biscuits and gravy. I enjoyed that the most.

After breakfast, I took a wander around the gift shop and deli. Most impressive were the shelves stocked full of olives and all varieties of pickled things. I purchased a crusty baguette of French bread for the road and a jar of New Orleans Muffuletta Olive Spread for our upcoming New Year’s Eve party. This concoction was delicious (or I should say, IS delicious) I’m still skimming the last remaining bits out of the pickle juice. Their version has a nice touch of chili to give it the perfect amount of heat.

Coffee rating: 3 out of 5

Spendy scale: $

Other Offerings

  • Lunch and dinner
  • Catering & banquet room
  • Over 200 brands of micro-brews
  • Wine cellar
  • Full deli
  • Bakery
  • Ice Cream
  • Espresso Bar
  • Pizza parlor
  • Store/Gift shop (online shopping available)
  • “Northern California’s biggest and most beloved sports bar.”

Contact Information

451 6th Street
Williams, CA 95987
Restaurant: (530) 473-5583
Business Office: (530) 473-5014


7 days a week, from 6:00am to 11:00pm

Local Attractions

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Hockinson Kountry Cafe – Brush Prairie, WA


Kountry Special

What does it take to make me get out of bed, get dressed and drive over 30 minutes into the back country for breakfast? A recommendation, of course! This one came from my good friend, Brian and I’m so grateful for this new and surprising find. When you pull up to this place, don’t pay too much attention to appearances  – the proof is in the number of cars squeezed into the roadside parking lot and the number of patrons filling nearly every table in the cozy diningroom.

The Hockinson Kountry Café, owned by Rob and Lora Rohde, specializes in family dining. I would also say they specialize in huge portions, delicious food, pie to die for, and excellent customer care. Whenever I try a new place, I like to ask, “So what would you say is your specialty? In other words, what’s popular with your customers?” On this occasion, our server said the Kountry Special for breakfast and Chicken Fried Steak. A quick glance at the menu showed me a common denominator – country-style gravy. Their gravy is homemade and a bit on the spicy side. It’s my usual habit to try the special so I ordered the Kountry Special: Country potatoes, cheese, onions, green peppers, tomatoes, diced ham. All of this it topped with a generous serving of country or brown gravy. This also comes with toast or homemade biscuit. Since I was having the  country gravy, I chose the biscuit which was large, fluffy, and very tasty, indeed.

A Kielbasa & Mushroom omelette

My meal arrived fast, hot and huge! The special was delicious. A word of warning to dieters. Weight conscious visitors to the Hockinson Kountry Café need to leave their guilt at home. Not much diet going on here. My husband went for the daily special – a Kielbasa and Mushroom, 3-egg omelette with country potatoes. He enjoyed that all the way down to a nearly clean plate. His coffee rated a 3 out of 5, but they filled his cup constantly – he was a happy camper.

 As with all meals, I vow to leave room for dessert, but as a lover of savory tastes over sweet, I failed to do so, yet again. If you’re like me, you’ll never make it to dessert. That’s not a problem at the Hockinson Kountry Café. Order a piece of their pie to go. I chose the Raspberry Crumble; it was the best buttery tasting crumble I’ve had in YEARS with not a sour berry in the bunch.


Other Offerings 

  • Also serving lunch and dinner
  • Gifts and gift certificates for sale
  • Whole pies or just slices To – Go
  • Frequent buyer punch card: Get nine stamps and get $3.00 off next meal
  • A Green company – recycling program (including fryer oil), participants in the “One Less Glass” water conservation program
  • Kids and Seniors menu

Contact Information 

Hockinson Kountry Cafe
17407 NE 159th St.
Brush Prairie, WA 98606
(360) 254-6726


Monday-Wednesday        6:00 am – 3:00 pm

Thursday-Friday               6:00 am – 8:00 pm

Saturday                          6:00 am – 3:00 pm

Sunday                             7:00 am – 3:00 pm

Nearby Attractions

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Natalia’s Café – Camas, WA

natalias exterior

Natalia's Cafe - Camas, WA

Besides honoring our veterans on a rainy Veteran’s Day, I couldn’t think of anything better to do than to stick close to home for hearty home-cooking. That didn’t mean I was willing to settle for a bowl of Weetabix and toasted rye…no.  Instead, we took a short drive to Washougal’s neighboring town, Camas, and visited Natalia’s Café. I love the black and white diner look of the place and the overall hometown feel that comes with good service. 

This is another one of my favorite places where I can always count on a good meal for breakfast or lunch. I intended to go for my usual – the Traditional Breakfast (minced ham and eggs, a generous portion of crispy hashbrowns and toast). Instead, I ventured forth and tried a new item on the menu – Russian Meat Stuffed Crepes. 

Russian Meat Stuffed Crepes

Russian Meat Stuffed Crepes

This dish was a pleasant surprise and I felt quite virtuous as this was a lower fat option than my usual. These homemade crepes are stuffed with grilled ground beef and caramelized onions. They are served with a generous dollop of sour cream and a bowl of fresh fruit. I enjoyed them very much – even without the sour cream which, alas, I cannot eat. 

While I enjoyed my meal, I picked our server’s brain about the history of the place. Ben is Natalia’s nephew and he manages to keep all the tables served single-handedly. Natalia Zhikharevea is from Uzbekistan and has lived in the United States for about 16 years. Six and a half years ago, she opened up Natalia’s and has successfully thrived where others have failed. I think the key to this success is the close knit family that runs the restaurant, the fresh-tasting food cooked to order, and the courage to introduce new things, thereby teaching old dogs new culinary tricks.

I recommend checking out her bakery counter. Everything is made from scratch every morning with different delights on different days. Apple Strudel, Caramel Fingers, Apple Pie, Apricot Cake, Napoleon, and Spinach and Bacon Quiche were the tempting treats of the day. 

Other Offerings 

  • Breakfast served all day 
  • Lunch:  Try the Russian Goulash – delicious! 
  • Homemade Jams on the table 
  • Open for dinner on Camas’ First Friday Main Street event 

Contact Information 

Natalia’s Café 
437 NE 4th 
Camas, WA  98607 


Tues – Sun: 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM 

Also open the first Friday of every month for dinner. 

Nearby Attractions 

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